A Peek into the Luxurious French Cuisine of Megève

Sometimes we like to take a visual journey into the scrumptious dishes and tastes of exotic lands. When we think of exquisite food, there is no comparison: it’s French cuisine that exemplifies the epitome of elaborate, luxurious, stunning dishes. 

Today, we venture into Megève, home to some of the most famous and popular restaurants of France.

Megève looks like a land of fantasy on its own: a small village, it sits in the Alps of southeastern France. Covered in a blanket of snow, it’s a popular location for skiers due to its rustic and chic chalets, the upmarket Hotel Megeve “Domaine Du Mont D’Arbois”, it’s stunning designer boutiques and the beautiful pedestrian center.

But Megève has more to offer than ski: it is also a culinary focal point and home to some of the best chefs in the world, including chef Julien Gatillon, rewarded with 2 Michelin stars at only 30 years of age. 

It is no surprise then that the small town has managed to become a foodie tour destination, especially for those willing to invest in mouthwatering gourmet dishes that seem more like art than edible fare.

If you are in the region looking for a culinary experience, word is that the best restaurant Megeve has to offer is the “Le 1920”. Boasting 2 Michelin stars, it is a refined establishment that takes culinary art to a whole new level, combining taste and aesthetics in perfect harmony.

The chef has a known preference for long, slow cooking that creates a rich texture and taste to his perfectly put-together dishes. Every aspect is homemade: from the sauce bases to butter and cheese, and every ingredient is exquisite and of the highest quality.

The menu features delicious and exotic French options, from the Gamberonis from the Gulf of Genoa in Kristal caviar to a stunning Miéral Bresse roast chicken. The idea alone has our mouth watering, and so do these pictures!

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