Dress to Impress for Less

Chic food and chic dress go together like coffee and cream.  You can enjoy them separately, but together they have an incredible impact on a fine dining experience.  How you dress when dining out is as important as the establishment you choose to visit.  Dressing for the occasion meant changing your clothes to fit the time and place.  A gentleman was, and still is required to have a jacket for dinner, and we’ve all seen signs in restaurant windows that discretely say “no shoes, no shirt, no service.”  There was a time when people even dressed up to take an airplane ride.  Having a full wardrobe does not command the attention it once did.  But you should have appropriate pieces in your wardrobe for the major occasions in life.  

You’ve heard the expression ‘clothes make the man’.  It’s true that most people are content to live in sneakers and jeans.  But there are occasions when you want to “clean up good’ and go out in style.  The high price of shopping puts off many people.  Fortunately, there are shopping sites like Groupon that offer deals so irresistible you won’t feel like you went shopping at all.  And with many stores like Nordstrom offering free shipping through Groupon, you’ll appreciate the ease and economy of it all.

Groupon offers so many ways to upgrade your wardrobe without breaking the bank.  And if you don’t like what you’ve purchased, returns are easy.  Right now, you can use a convenient Groupon to save as much as 50% off sweaters and even more on boots and shoes from Nordstrom.  And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, making a plan for a night out with your sweetheart couldn’t be easier.  You pick out a nice ensemble that can be dressed up or down and you’ll be ready for a lovely romantic evening.  Nordstrom has all the brands and top quality lines for unbelievable prices when you apply your Groupon to the purchase.  You can use your smartphone and shop from where ever you are.  So, think outside the flip flops and dress up for a change.  With all the money you’ll save, the change will do you good.

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