Hipster Milkshakes at Their Finest

If you have ever walked past a restaurant or a cafe and see an elaborate or extravagant milkshake, then you have seen the 'Hipster Milkshake.' It's the latest craze to come through milk bars and cafes. However, some do it better than others.

Chocolate Cake Milkshake
It all starts with a classic mason jar filled with a deliciously thick chocolate milk. Dropped inside and small squares of chocolate brownies. As the milk reaches the brim of the jar, whipped cream is sprayed on top, only to be then topped with a chocolate chip cookie, a cherry, and a healthy serving of dripping chocolate syrup.

Is Honeycomb more your taste?
How about a Honeycomb flavored milkshake, then drop in some honeycomb chocolate pieces. Once the jar is full, it's time for a marshmallow, sprinkles, whipped cream, and a delicious drizzle of honeycomb syrup. Only then is chocolate syrup also dripped on top!

If those two treats haven't awakened your taste buds, then nothing will. And if you're thinking that, as delicious as they are, you don't want to travel the world to find them; you can easily make similar ones yourself with ingredients from the Groupon Coupons page for Walgreens. Below is the perfect treat for a young girl's birthday party.

Fairy Princess Milkshake

Find a big tall glass or novelty cup
Start by pouring in strawberry thick shake with pink food coloring to bring out the brightness of the pink
Cut up some fresh strawberries and toss them into the jar
Pull apart some cotton candy and place a layer on top
Place a good amount of whipped cream on top
Sprinkle some nuts
Drizzle strawberry flavored syrup on top
Dust it off with some powdered sugar

In just a few short and creative minutes you have made a tasty and visually appealing treat that is sure to impress.

Making your own hipster milkshake isn't difficult, it just takes a bit of imagination and an adventurous set of tastebuds. The next time that you're entertaining or hosting a small party, give hipster milkshakes a try and watch everybody's eyes widen with excitement at the flavors to come!

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