Discover 25 Reasons To Be Excited About McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop

Now on its 25th year, McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop is made bigger and more fun for the kids! Allow me to give you a list of 25 reasons why you should be excited about the annual Kiddie Crew Workshop prepared by our friends from McDonalds. Color your son or daughter's summer season with #McDoKiddieCrew:

If you are interested with this workshop from McDonald's, make sure to register your kids as on as possible. Registration is ongoing until April 30, 2017 in close to 500 participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. 

How much is the fee? Only Php 650.

What will I get after paying the fee?
  • Become an official participant for the workshop;
  • Workshop materials;
  • Meals for 5 days;
  • Official Kiddie Crew shirt and bag;
  • Lanyard with ID;
  • Chef’s hat;
  • Apron; and 
  • Graduation tokens.

What are the activities for the kids?
  • Make-Your-Own Cheeseburger
  • On-floor, Drive-Thru, and Front Counter trainings 
  • Make-Your-Own Dessert 
  • McDelivery Game
To learn more about this workshop, you can visit

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