Global brand Krispy Kreme, known for its premium and delectable doughnuts is drumming up excitement for its 78th milestone this July. 
If you are like me who has an unconditional love for minions, then you'll surely be glad to know that McDonald's Philippines came up with delectable Minions-themed desserts and BFF combo's for everyone!

Kevin, Stuart, Bob and the rest of the minions have officially taken over McDonald's. They are ready to give out a big dose of cuteness through the new Minions Happy Meal toys. Fans can now get the 10 Minions collectible items and enjoy limited-time Minions-themed sweets and BFF combo's!

McDonald’s has lined up a new array of desserts that will make Minions fans go bananas! Introducing the new Minions McDip, a delicious vanilla soft serve covered in banana-flavored dip on a blue wafer cone—the cutest McDip you’ll ever see and taste for only Php15.

Are you a big fan of barbecues? Can't you resist tasty bbq flavors and aroma? If yes, then consider yourself lucky for TGIFriday's Philippines has something new for all of us. Their American BBQ Dishes are now available in all TGIF branches all over the country. Now is your time to grill and chill with their latest offerings. Chic Foodies is one of the bloggers who was able to try the dishes under the "American BBQ" set so let me introduce them to you.

Cilantro Lime Grilled Prawns

This dish made it to the Top 1. Of course, who can say no to grilled prawns which are certainly scrumptious? Imagine this: Friday's took plum shrimps, slid them into skewers for fire-frilling,  and drizzled it with zesty puco de gallo sauce. There is also a generous serving of ripe mango on top of steaming hot rice pilaf. One thing I love about it is the fact that the prawns are perfectly cooked, with the right tenderness. It will satisfy even the pickiest palate.

Good news to all those who enjoy hanging out at Friday's! You can now order for the beverages under "The Ultimates" at 50% discount. This offer is available daily until 7PM. Yes, even during the weekends -- the perfect days to hang out with friends and chill with loved ones. From 7PM onwards, these drinks are back to their regular prices. 

If you love to travel and you continuously seek new experiences, so it’s time to start a Sicilian adventure. The Land of Sunshine beckons and you must heed the call! You will enjoy the sun and will be enthralled by the landscape, but you will definitely fall in love with the food. With 3000 years of history and interracial mixing, you will discover that visiting Sicily for the food is an entirely unique undertaking. And one that will truly satisfy.  For the best lodgings for your upcoming food trip  and the for the most reliable Sicily holiday guide, you can check online.

Sicily’s cuisine is deeply rooted on and characterized by their surroundings and the matrix of cultures that have set food on the land. As such, there is a certain sense of identity separating them from others as well as a regional pride undoubtedly distinctive. The culinary result of these mixing of diverse cultural and historical influences is now evident in the extraordinary dishes prepared by present-day Sicilians. From the Greeks to the Arabs, the Normans and even the Spanish, the rich legacy of these cultural influences, together with the fertility of their soil, have created a delicious Sicilian cuisine that both locals and foreigners alike enjoy today.

It's that time of the year again! Travel and food bloggers from different cities in the country are flying to Davao city for the most anticipated blogging event - Davao Food Appreciation Tour. Now on its eight year, #DFAT2015 is bigger and more fun! Chic Foodies will be one of the bloggers who will explore the beauty of Davao's home-grown restaurants and other food establishments.

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