Weekend Dinners

After a long week at school, my friends and I usually get together for a de-stressing session. We make sure that we find time to treat ourselves after all the pressures we experience from the cases we read every single day, the endless recitations required by our professors and the Code provisions needed to be memorized. Every Friday, we hit the roads and find for the best restaurants in the city that can satisfy our cravings for a full blast dinner.

Choosing the right place to dine can sometimes become stressful especially when there are many great restaurants surrounding us. To save more time in selecting the place, we always create a list of possible establishments which can provide us the best dinner for the night. After generating the list, we cast our votes and the place with the highest number of votes is chosen. For law students like us, we can't avoid wasting any of our time so we really work on ways enabling us to save more hours.

The moment we see the restaurant menu covers, we get truly excited. The thought of flipping through the pages of the menu and browsing for available meals makes us happy. But what is more exciting is sharing a wonderful time with the persons close to me as we enjoy the foods served on our table. Appetizers, main course and desserts are always present on our orders! 

Fridays are King's Feast days for the whole gang. Nothing can explain the happiness that we feel every time we end the week with a blast. It is so liberating to know that the following days will be Saturday and Sunday. Weekends are truly sacred for busy students.

Oh, I will be going out again with my block mates this Friday and I can't wait to visit a new restaurant in the city. 

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