Enjoy Authentic Mexican Beverages in the Roadside

Mexico is the land of drinks. You will get to know about many a drinks and beverages which will surely lure you towards them. The whole country is full of authenticate Mexican beverages which makes them so special. You can't help but be attracted to them. You will surely think that you must give a chance to them. There are many exotically flavored and divine drinks which rule the whole country. You will get them every here and there. The streets are full of vendors who will serve you with a lot of chilled or warm drinks. And moreover these drinks not only rule the country but have extended their region of rule to almost around the globe.

Have you ever heard of the Tejuino?
This is one of the most popular and authentic Mexican beverage. It is said about this that it is very much sure that if some food existed on the earth, then it must have invented alcohol from it or may be thinking of inventing alcohol from it. The limitless searches for a big buzz of the humankind have to be the responsible one for the tejuino. This stuff is also found in the corner of the tortilleria and you can buy them in the sacks which is being mixed with some piloncillo which is the cone shaped Mexican sugar which is unrefined. This is then boiled and then allowed to be fermented a little. It is usually served with a small scoop of some lemon ice which may be floating in it and is so much low grade alcoholic that it can even be drunk by the kids. This drink is really an exotic one and will never dissatisfy your taste buds.

How Tapache is made?
You know that when you have eaten some fresh pineapples then you must have got the core and the peel as left over. It is being thrown away by the people around the world but this is used by the Mexicans to make a great drink for you. They make tepache with it. They mix the core and the peel with the piloncillo or may be brown sugar and the most popular canola which is the Mexican's cassia cinnamon. It is then mashed together and left for being fermented for two to three days. And then a shot of beer is being added so as to cut the sweetness and now you can taste the great tepache. It is almost impossible to get drunk off the straight tepache.

If you will ask an American about any mouth watering tequila drink then he will surely answer Margarita but if you will ask any Mexican then you are sure to get the answer "unaPaloma". The most popular and authentic Mexican beverage which is enjoyed by the Mexicans is a shot of the tequila and then three shots of the squirt. And then you may need some JarritosToronja or may be any other grapefruit soda which is served on the rocks. Here also the same rule for the tequila is applied as in a margarita. You must try a real tequila and then you will get past to three shots and then you will be on the floor enjoying your dream world. Which means that you will be fully high within the three shots.

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