Instant Date at Friday's

Earlier this week, I decided to set one day for my shopping activity. I needed to buy new dresses for my beach outing with friends. I don't usually shop immediately whenever I attend events or gatherings. It's just that I already gave away my summer dresses and the ones left are formal wears. I also planned on getting a birthday gift for my good friend's daughter's first birthday party this Saturday. I'm glad that I completed all the tasks in one afternoon at Abreeza Mall. 

On the same day, I received a message from my girl friend. She told me that she's bored so she wanted to see me. So, I informed her that I'm currently at the mall and in less than an hour, she came to accompany me. When everything was completed, I invited her to come with me to dine at T.G.I. Friday's. My treat.

 photo 257DA598-715D-4917-914B-A95AF4441413-1016-000000B3C2B8288E.jpg

For our main dish, we only ordered the Fiesta Platter which costs P995. It is a sulit order because it comes with grilled chicken, pork liempo, pork ribs and unlimited rice. Since both of us are girls and currently trying to lose weight, we were not able to finish everything. 

 photo 6767F385-FE2E-4A9B-96FE-868CC5A8A275-1016-000000B3CE3D70B6.jpg

For our drinks, we ordered these:

Pineapple Orange Fresh Juice - P155 (my pick)
 photo E518A232-6341-4932-ADD0-D39359EF8D37-1016-000000B3BA92D1AA.jpg

Carrot Apple Fresh Juice - P155 (my friend's pick)
 photo AA8C96E1-F3E1-4F50-B7B9-B48D13D20D73-1016-000000B3DAC1A595.jpg

After we paid the bill, a server went to our table and informed me that I can get a free dish when I visit and answer a short survey. The offer will expire in two months time but I immediately checked the website and completed the survey. When asked about my experience, I answered "Highly likely to recommend it to a friend or family member."

 photo 609A4A15-4C0C-4CD9-8E41-CB2F9EA957B0-1016-000000A87B580B54.jpg

My next visit to Friday's will be next month with my dad (he will arrive in the country on the last week of April). I will treat him and the whole family to a good dinner. Of course, I will also claim the complimentary dish offered by Friday's : Choice of Pork Liempo, Half Rack Baby Back Ribs or Chicken Fingers.


  1. I love TGI Fridays too, your food makes me drool :) have fun with your dad for sure he will like it here.

  2. yuuuuuuum! makes me want to have a fri-date at TGIFriday's here. anong instagram name mo sis? ma-follow ka nga. hehehe!

  3. Those are delish platter to share with friends and quench thirsting drink as well :-) Food and fun times with the friendships are the best moment ever :-)

  4. Yum, I am getting hungry looking at the foodie fotos! I'll go with you next time hehehe.

  5. Good to know that you planned your date ahead of time. Its a trademark daw of a very detailed person. That Fiesta Platter is a good choice . yummy na ang foods and the price is quite reasonable.

  6. Oh, I missed TGIF, everytime we are home, I always bring my family in their Serenda branch because its near our place! And you are right, platter is always the sulit order specially in big groups. And that's nice that they give free something if you will complete the survey...good marketing strategy, I guess! :)

  7. It's been a while since we last had a date at Friday's. Your post just makes me want to head on over to our nearest branch. :)


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