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Starbucks Card: What You Have Been Waiting For

Starbucks Card is now available in the Philippines. Finally, it's time to turn your visits into rewards. Plus, enjoy cashless and hassle-free transaction with your own Starbucks card. All you need to do is to load your card, make some purchases and earn stars.

Noey Lopez, the chief operating officer for Starbucks Philipines said "It has been our mission to continuously uplift the Starbucks Experience and exceed customer expectations. We believe the launch of the Starbucks Card will nurture our relationship with our most loyal customers and build a deeper connection with new customers."

Why you should get the all-new Starbucks Card?
  • It's Safer and More Convenient than Cash Starbucks customers can activate a Starbucks Card for a minimum amount of P300. 
  • The card can be reloaded with money up to a maximum amount of P10,000 – allowing customers to pay for their Starbucks favorites without having their wallet on hand. 
  • Customer who also register online can protect their balance anytime their card is lost or stolen. 
  • More Rewards Await Starbucks customers can register their Starbucks Card at www.starbucks.ph/card. Customers with registered cards will receive a complimentary Grande handcrafted beverage instantly and slice of cake every year on their birthday.
There are two designs to choose from - coffee and tea. Don't worry, you can have two or more cards under one account. You can always register multiple cards in your Starbucks account. For more information, you can visit the Starbucks website or ask the barrista in your favorite branch.

What are the rewards?
  • Any Grande handcrafted beverage for every 12 Beverage Stars  
  • Any 250g of whole bean coffee for every 10 Whole Bean Stars  
  • Any 12-pack Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew for every 10  Starbucks VIA® Stars.   

Kadayawan 2013: It's Fiesta Time

Starbucks celebrates the Kadayawan Festival 2013 with a treat and an even more exciting limited edition Starbucks Kadayawan Tumbler. 

Inspired by the scenery, rich culture and bountiful feast of Davao City, Starbucks features a limited edition Kadayawan Tumbler.       Its lively colors and striking design will surely make anyone feel that it’s time to celebrate this Fiesta!   

This is one of a kind tumbler from Starbucks. If you want to grow your collection of SB items, then make sure to visit your favorite Starbucks store in the city and get your very own tumbler. There are two sizes available.

And here is the Kadayawan treat for this year.

To celebrate with Davao City on August 14, Starbucks is offering an exciting treat for everyone this Kadayawan Festival. For purchase of at least P500 of food and or beverage at any of our stores in Davao City, a customer will be given a limited edition Starbucks Logo Coaster. 

A nice treat for any coffee lover. This offer is valid until supplies last.

Starbucks only want one thing: To make their customers happy. 


  1. I have never been to any starbucks establishments. Yeah, I know lol.

  2. to be honest, the first time i ever have starbucks is when i visited philippines earlier this year, they are okay in my taste buds, its just here we have tim hortons which is quite similar with starbucks yet not too expensive...

    that's a good reward card to own that way every visits would have a chance for you to get freebies.

  3. I love both the card designs and the Kadayawan fest tumbler design!! I am not really into coffee but I love being in comfortable places with friendly people :)

  4. I love the tumbler. I have my Starbucks card here. I earn a star every time I use it. Then they will send me a free drink voucher after few visits.

  5. Yay! perfect for any Starbucks fans to earn points and rewards :-) I have not been to any Starbucks here in NY :-) I do like to drink simple coffee with just cream and sugar :-)

  6. Starbucks is really generous Algene right? I finally was able to use my SB card yesterday at Abreeza. Weee!

  7. Ayos ito. good for Starbucks suki. Love the tumbler less the coffee. ha.ha.ha..

  8. Yay! This one is something to look forward to when I visit Starbucks sooooooooooooon! :P

  9. wow, that's cool...thanks for sharing what is it all about...i saw some friends back in Manila posting about this in their FB wall that they got this kind of card, really nice way to reward their customer and really nice marketing strategy. and i love starbucks...i wonder if they have the same here in Bangkok. :)


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