Blue Post Boiling Crabs & Shrimps Opens in Davao

Blue Post relaunches itself by bringing something new to Davao city. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ang, will be opening a new restaurant which is patterned from the famous Boiling Crab in the United States. Seafood lovers in the city will surely love everything in this place. Boiling Crab and Shrimps will open its doors to the public this coming December 8, 2013. Make sure to mark your calendars and be one of the first guests to experience a "messy-finger liking" type of dining.

What can you find inside this new place for Davao foodies?

Did you know that the concept of creating this kind of restaurant came across the minds of the owners when they visited a famous restaurant in the US? Two hours before the said place opens, customers are already lining up to get in. The “messy- finger licking”  type of dining was a big plus factor in eating crabs & shrimps and reminded them of our very own Filipino “kamay-kainan” by doing away with the formality of using a fork and spoon, allowing the diner to just crack or peel the shell off  without feeling conscious of their surroundings.    

Blue Post Boiling Crabs and Shrimps will serve the fresh succulent seafood goodness in a food grade boiling bag which is mixed with their very own irrepressible creation of Cajun Special Sauce (CSS) tempered to the diner’s tolerance. Visitors can choose among regular, mild or screaming spicy hot sauces. The seafoods with the preferred CSS will then be boiled boiled together in the bag and served steaming hot into the table.

If you are planning to dine at this new foodie destination in the city, make sure to remember the three steps in getting the perfect mix for your bag.

Step 1: Seafood Selection
Choices are Crabs, Shrimps and Mussels. You can also mix them up depending on your preference.
Step 2: Cooking Preference
There are only two ways of preparing your boiling seafood bags - either Blue Post Boil or Garlic Fried
Step 3: Spicy Indulgence for Cajun Special Sauce
Do you love spicy foods? Choose the best CSS for your bag (Regular, Mild or Hot & Spicy)

These are also available as add-ons for extra taste Corn on the Cob, Sausage and Potato

Are you ready for these?
Boiled Crabs in Garlic

Boiled Crabs and Fresh Shrimps in Cajun-spiced Sauce

Boiled Shrimp in Cajun-spiced Sauce with Add-ons

Crab-cajun Spiced Sauce with Extra Corn
With such a culinary pedigree,  Blue Post is proud to  reinvent the crab and shrimp experience into something more primal and unforgettable. What are you waiting for? Visit this place as soon as they start their operations. I swear, every penny spent at this place is worth it. The best part of dining at Blue Post is the boodle fight or kamay-kainan with your fellow foodies. It is something you have to experience!


 J.P. Laurel  Ave. Bajada,  Davao City

Contact number: Tel. Nos. (082) 221.83.60


  1. Whoa! I want! The crab with corn picture looks so delish! *drools

  2. I really miss seafood like this, yum!

  3. looks so delish! i love seafoods, once a month we feast on eating seafoods like crabs and shrimps :)

  4. Loved the food combo with sidings and I liked with a can of coca cola.

  5. I am drooling they look great and I love seafoods will definitely going to see what great ways to check on our next visit.

  6. Oh my, so many blue things here! And those seafoods look so tasty!! I would love them garlic fried! :)

  7. Yummy dishes but I have to bring along my mother-in-law for she is expert in removing the crab's shell.

  8. I love crabs! You can leave me in the kitchen and I can finish a pot full of it all by myself!

  9. Oh my, another restaurant we can't go to, hubby's allergic to seafood that's why. But oh boy, Pinoys would surely love the messy finger-licking style of eating.

  10. Hi! May I know how much were you billed for these very sumptuous treat? or just a price range.. Thanks!

  11. This is so cool and delicious. Tried it. Thanksies!


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