Mustard: Your A-Z Guide

Food lovers need to take a look at this – a quick and easy guide to mustard, the versatile condiment that gives a kick to your dishes. There are so many different types of mustard, and the particular flavour of the mustard depends on the type of mustard seed used, the liquid that binds the mustard together, and the spices or other additions. Want to know more about mustard? Here’s an A-Z guide to the different kinds of mustard you need in your kitchen. 

Mustard A to F

American mustard is also known as yellow mustard because of its vibrant colour – it is also known as ballpark mustard because it is such a familiar feature at baseball games with the iconic hot dog. Yellow mustard is made from white mustard seeds and salt, spices and vinegar is added, along with turmeric. Beer mustard is as the name suggests – mustard made with beer instead of all water. You can also have blackcurrant mustard and blackcurrant Dijon mustard. Black mustard seeds are one of the main types of seeds to make mustard and these seeds tend to make the hottest style of the condiment. Chinese mustard is a very hot example of mustard made from brown seeds and Colman’s mustard is the traditional English brand that was originally manufactured in Norwich, UK. Deli mustard is a type made from brown seeds and seasoned with spices and sugar, while Dijon mustard is a famous mustard that was originally made in Dijon, Burgundy, France. English mustard is made from a mixture of white and brown, plus some black, seeds with turmeric and flour in addition. And there are hundreds of flavoured mustards with ingredients like olives, dill, lemons, raspberries and wine – check out some examples online; they make Unique Food Gifts.  

Mustards G to L

German mustard comes in a number of different flavours and textures from mild to super-spicy and you can even get green peppercorn mustard – it goes well with duck and chicken. Herb mustard and honey mustard are popular with gourmets, and horseradish mustard has a tremendous kick. Japanese mustard is also known as wasabi mustard and this too has a powerful taste. 

Mustards M to R

Moutarde de Meaux mustard is often referred to as the king of mustard – it has a delicate nutty flavour and is made from a variety of seeds plus vinegar and herbs or spices. Mustard oil is made from crushed mustard seeds and should be mixed with another oil for a tasty dressing. Powdered mustard is made from yellow seeds and is mixed by you with a liquid to form a ready-made mustard sauce. Roquefort mustard is a delicious combination of mustard and real blue cheese. 

Mustards S to Z

Shallot mustard is a popular variety and sweet mustard is made with the addition of honey, sugar, or maple syrup. Tarragon mustard goes with white meat, while verjus is a sour juice made from grapes that can be used to make distinctive mustard preparations. Wholegrain mustard is a perennial favourite, while yellow mustard is an American staple. 

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