The Lazy Way to Prepare a Great Christmas Party

Christmas is a wonderful time to socialise, enjoy great food, and drink a little too much with friends, coworkers and family. Throwing your own Christmas party can be a great way to network, have fun and share this fun time of year. But you may be thinking that you don't really need the hassle of planning and setting up a party in your home when you also have to worry about all the other events in your social calendar; buying the perfect gifts, getting the tree up and organising what you are going to make for dinner on Christmas day itself.

Happily, organising a Christmas party needn't be too traumatic or even time consuming, if you follow these great tips for preparing a festive extravaganza the lazy way!

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Go With Decorations You Would Have Anyway

Unless you are the Grinch, chances are you will decorate your home for Christmas with a tree, and perhaps some other things like wreaths and lights. If you make sure you have done all of this before your party then you won't have to worry too much about party decorations, you can simply buy some festive napkins and other accents for your table, and call the scene setting done!

Reuse Your Look from Other Festive Events

Preparing for a Christmas party in terms of what you will wear, hair and make up can be quite demanding, but there is no need to worry – just cheat by choosing to use an outfit or look you put together for another seasonal event where there will be different people. If your biggest holiday event is usually your office Christmas party, and you buy a special dress for this, why not reuse the look for your own drinks party with your relatives? There is no need to invest in a special outfit for every party, when you can simply get more wear out of the same one by bringing it out for parties in different social groups!

Buy Premade Tasty Food

When you are throwing a lazy Christmas party, you don't want to be cooking or even laying out complicated arrangements of sliced vegetables and dips. Instead, buy pre-made tasty snacks that also look great, and lay these out next to bowls of cheaper but filling snack foods like tortilla chips, popcorn and candy. Look out for unusual and especially tasty items, like flavorful cheese that crunches, and make sure you have some festive themed stuff in there too, such as Christmas themed gingerbread cookies. All of this kind of thing can be bought premade at the supermarket and yet looks like you have made a great effort to provide a delightful buffet when dispatched onto plates or into bowls before your guests arrive.

It really is hardly any effort to put together a fun Christmas drinks party with a buffet, festive décor, and of course, you looking your best. By simply cheating a little, you can have a wonderful night your friends will love without any stress at all! 

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